Cosmetic Dentistry in Springfield

Teeth Whitening

Imagine flashing a smile with white, bright teeth. A professional teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Cline makes that possible!

It's an easy, affordable cosmetic dental treatment that can brighten your teeth up to several shades with a two-hour-long in-office whitening treatment or from the comfort of your own home with a take-home whitening treatment. Both leave impactful, long-lasting results compared to over-the-counter whitening products. Get the confidence boost you deserve by calling us today.

cosmetic dentistry in Springfield
Springfield, MO cosmetic dentist

Dental Bonding

Did you know you can reshape your teeth? Dental bonding is a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses composite materials to give you the desired look and shape of your teeth, setting you up with confidence. Whether you want bigger teeth or need to fix a bump or crack, Springfield dentist Dr. Cline and our team can put your best smile forward.


A confident smile lets you live your fullest, happiest life. You don’t have to hide away your laugh or smile, whether it be in your day-to-day or in pictures. Veneers are the gold standard in cosmetically enhancing your smile and treating misshaped, broken, damaged, or discolored teeth. And with our cutting-edge technology, we can show you how your smile will look before you even start! It’s time to treat your smile – book a consultation today to get started!

cosmetic dentist in Springfield
Cosmetic dentistry in Springfield


Confidence comes easily with a straight smile but braces may feel too flashy or bulky. In comes Invisalign, a discreet, convenient treatment that gently pushes your teeth into alignment. And the best part is, they are nearly invisible, so nobody will notice you have them! Whether you have minor to moderate misalignment issues or your teen is interested in them, they are a great option. Get in touch to get started on your dream smile.

Cosmetic Makeovers

Maybe you need a variety of treatments to get your desired smile or you simply don’t know where to begin. Don’t stress it, our dedicated team will work with you to plan and execute your desired smile. Cosmetic makeovers consist of various personalized cosmetic treatments to get you the dream smile you’ve been waiting for. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

Springfield cosmetic dentistry

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A confident, healthy smile awaits. Get started today and experience elevated dental care with a team that serves with heart.