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cerec technology

Your convenience and comfort is important. We understand that multiple appointments and temporary restorations can be a hassle. That’s why we offer CEREC. CEREC technology is one of the latest advancements in the field that elevates your dental experience. It allows for same-day restorations, precise treatment plans, and customizable restorations that suit the rest of your smile. No waiting weeks, no temporary crowns, and no messy impressions necessary!


CBCT & Intraoral Scanner

Accurate diagnoses mean better results. With CBCT, we can capture a 3D image of your teeth and jaw, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. This results in fewer appointments and less discomfort for you. Plus, we can detect dental issues that may not be visible with traditional X-rays, giving you peace of mind about your oral health.

In addition, we offer Intraoral Scanners that make dental impressions a thing of the past. No more messy and uncomfortable molds. With digital scanning, we can take precise digital models of your teeth in a matter of minutes. You'll enjoy a more comfortable experience, faster turnaround times, and more accurate treatments.


3D Printing

Introducing the latest in dental technology – 3D printing! With 3D printing, we can create customized dental appliances and restorations that are designed to your unique needs. This means fewer adjustments and more comfortable restorations. It also allows for faster turnaround times so you can get back to a confident smile.


Laser Technology

Comfortable, minimally-invasive treatments are attainable with laser technology. Whether you are coming in for a root canal or periodontal care, laser technology makes previously invasive treatments gentle and quick. Utilizing a focused beam of light, laser technology allows us to quickly remove or reshape tissue. And the best part is, it’s virtually painless, and improves your healing time and overall treatment outcome.

The level of care and compassion that they show is above and beyond"

Our practice has been a staple in serving the Springfield community for 20 years. See why patients choose Elevate Dental Studio by reading reviews from our patients.

keith g.

"I am a new patient. I was impressed with the facilities and my dental hygienist. She was thorough, informative and kind. Dr. Cline is a great dentist. She too was thorough and made you feel as a patient that your dental care was paramount. She took the time to answer any and all questions. I’m glad I chose them for my dental needs."

karyn l.

“My family and I have been coming to see Dr. Cline and her incredible staff since 2002. The level of care and compassion that they show is above and beyond any other dental practice that I have been to in my 40+ years of seeking dental care. Being someone with increased anxiety at the dentist makes it difficult to go at times. Cline Dental has always given me the best service and put my mind at ease whenever I am there.”

amanda y.

"The whole dentist office was so extremely nice. Caitlin was amazing as the hygienist. I have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist and she put me at ease and did such a great job throughout my cleaning. Dr. Hayes was also so nice. I for sure will be coming back."

angela f.

"The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and care about your concerns. Dr. Cline is truly just the best!  I'm in the middle of the dental implant process and they have taken the time to answer all my questions and put any anxiety to rest.  I had previously switched dentists due to my insurance changing, but I learned my lesson and went back to Dr. Cline.  I'm happy to pay out of pocket for the exceptional care!"

Meagan M.

"I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while and was really nervous to set up my first appointment—especially because I’ve never enjoyed going to the dentist. However every single person was so welcoming and kind and made me feel so comfortable. Special shout-out to Courtney for being so chill and fun 🙌"

James H.

"Dr. Cline is Amazing! I have been seeing her for well over 10 years and she has done some major work on my teeth. I highly recommend this office for your routine care or major dental work. The staff is kind and respectful. Never any surprises when it comes to charges or billing! A+ in my book!!!!"

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